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The South Carolina Juvenile Collateral Consequences Checklist

SCCID Approved Licensed Investigators

SCCID requires that any private investigator in an indigent defense case must first be approved by SCCID. The SCCID policy for capital and non-capital investigators is published on the website under Guidelines and Regulations. The following investigators have been approved to handle an indigent defense case. The list is current as of April 23, 2014.

If you are an investigator and would like to be added to this list, please fill out and notarize the Investigator Application, initialize the Investigator Policies - Capital and Non-Capital and send a copy of your SLED license to Ryan Cole at or fax to (803) 734-1247.

Austin, Mark - Marca Enterprises dba/Info Tech Investigative Services
Banton, Monroe - Custom Security & Investigations
Bennett, Tyrone - Eye On Investigations
Bernard, Scott - Bernard Investigations
Best, Joseph - Best Investigations and Process Services
Burks, John - Covert Investigations
Byrd, David - Byrd Investigations, Inc.
Chamblee, Jeffrey - True Solutions
Chastain, William - RCI, Inc.
Childs, Vicki - Blazer Investigative
Colegrove, Orville - DCT Detection, LLC
Connelly, Lee - Info, Inc.
Davis, John - Davis Investigative Services
De Van, Eric - Devan & Associates
Dean, Russell - Dean Investigation Agency
Douglas, Oscar - The Douglas Group
Dowling, Charles - Dowling Investigations
Drayton, Charles - Drayton Investigations
Edens, Cindy - America's Private Investigation Network, Inc.
Edwards, Brian - Carolina Associates Investigative Solutions, LLC
Elgin, Donald - Capitol City Investigations, LLC
Freeman, Ronnell - JMP Investigations
Frontz, William (Bill) - Excalibur Security and Investigations, Inc.
Gilreath, Jael - Byrd, Stillinger, & Associates
Graham, Carolyn - Carolyn B. Graham, LLC.
Graham, Sidney - America's Private Investigation Network, Inc.
Guthrie, Jeffrey - J & J Investigations
Hamilton, Alan - Stillinger Investigations, Inc.
Harrell, Glenn - Glenn Harrell Investigative Services
Harris, Mark - Mark B Harris Investigation Services
Harrison, Alvin (AJ) - AJ Harrison Investigations, LLC
Hawkins, Timothy - Upstate Investigators
Johnson, Guy - Allied Investigative Services
Jones, Amos - Jones Investigations
Jones, James - Truth Matters Investigations, LLC
Kimball, Richard - RMK Consulting, LLC
Kneece, Donald - Kneece Investigations, LLC
Lorick, James - Lorick Investigations
Mac Dougall, David - Information Services, LLC
Mahaffey, Lewis - Upstate Carolina Investigators
McDaniel, Danny - M & M Private Investigators, Inc.
McDaniel, Marci - M & M Private Investigators, Inc.
McNeil, Vickey - TPT Investigations, LLC
Minter, Robert - Confidential Conclusions, LLC
Nash, Ray - Focal Point Investigations, LLC
Paonessa, Joseph (Joe) - JP Investigative Group, Inc.
Petty, Anthony - Quality Investigations, Inc.
Phillips, John (Jay) - Byrd Investigations
Powers, Jimmy - Advanced Private Investigations
Raven, William - Ravan & Associates
Rickborn, Patricia - Rickborn Investigations
Robertson, Donna - Morris Investigations
Rounbehler, Gerald - Regional Investigations, Inc.
Rowell, Guy - Strategic Communication
Scarborough, James - Scarborough Investigations
Setree, Paul - Setree Investigations, LLC
Sirmons, Robert - Professional-One 1 Investigative Protection Agency
Skidmore, Peter - Skidmore & Associates
Skidmore, Peter - Skidmore Investigations
Slice, Brannon - Slice Investigations, LLC
Slovenski, Thomas - Cellular Forensics, LLC
Spane, Michael - Hawkeye Security & Investigations
Staulcup, F. Eugene (Gene) - Gene Staulcup & Associates, Inc.
Stevens, Jather (Jay) - Strand Investigations and Associates, LLC
Stidham, Janis (Janny) - Coastal Investigative Services, LLC
Stillinger, Brian - Stillinger Investigations, Inc.
Tabor, James - Tabor Investigative & Consulting Services, LLC
Taylor, Kyle - Southern Investigative Services, LLC
Watkins, Christopher - Stillinger Investigations
Webb, Benny - The Palmetto Center for Law & Justice
Weiss, Anna - Jones Investigations